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About Leighsa May

With eight years of yachting experience and a profound insight into its health challenges, I excel in creating wellness programs tailored to enhance life onboard for yacht crew. As a former stewardess, I confronted the sector's intense pressures which led to anxiety, addictive behaviours and emotional eating issues.


Pursuing change, I stepped away from the industry to focus on my health, I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and delved into alternative medicine. This journey led to my role as a knowledgeable Holistic Health Coach with a focus on Emotional Eating Psychology. My expertise was further enriched by working in a renowned wellness center's detox department in Thailand, where I supported over 100 clients.


This diverse background equips me uniquely to develop effective health practices, specifically aimed at improving the well-being of yacht crew, fostering a balanced and healthier lifestyle amidst the challenges of the sea.

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