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Elevate Guest Experience By Optimising Crew Health

~ Tailor-Made Wellness Programs

For Yacht Crew


Is the yachting lifestyle taking a toll on your crews physical and emotional well-being?

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Do long hours on deck leave your crew feeling fatigued with little time to focus on self-care and mental health?

Explore Health On board

Understanding the unique nature of the yachting industry equipped me with the tools to combine with my Health & Wellness education to create the optimal program for fellow crew.  Areas we dive into during your on board program:

Gourmet Meal

Holistic Living

  • Value balanced nutrition

  • Improve working relationships

  • Integrate physical activity

  • Incorporate self-care practices

  • Foster personal Growth

Fitness Group

Exercise & Movement

  • Improved physical stamina

  • Enhanced mental health

  • Stress relief 

  • Increased energy 


Emotional Eating 

  • Understand emotional triggers

  • Develop coping strategies

  • Distinguish cravings

  • Cultivate body positivity

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Nutrition & Diet

  • Enhanced energy

  • Boosted Immune system

  • Improved digestive health

  • Better weight management

  • Enhanced mental clarity

Green Smoothies

Detox & Cleanse

  • Eliminate toxins

  • Digestive reset

  • Enhance nutrient intake

  • Improve skin health

  • Improve cognitive function

Image by Jannes Glas

Stress Management

Social Activities

  • Enhanced job performance

  • Reduced risk of burnout

  • Enhanced coping skills

  • Greater overall job satisfaction

  • Enhanced team building

  • Social interaction

  • Cultural Enrichment 

  • Work life balance

Image by Gabriel Alenius
Herbal Medicine

Sleep Quality


  • Better memory

  • Improved concentration

  • Enhanced mood

  • Heightened alertness

  • Balance hormones

  • Natural stress relievers

  • Aids sleep quality

  • Detoxification

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